RazorBlade™️ - Trimmer Pro (Beard and Hair)

RazorBlade™️ - Trimmer Pro (Beard and Hair)

RazorBlade™️ - Trimmer Pro (Beard and Hair)

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The RazorBlade™ trimmer is designed so that the blades can trim very short hair without ever touching the skin, thus ensuring no pain, cuts or irritation, unlike "conventional" clippers or razors.

A perfect cut without any danger to the skin, the trimmer is therefore very useful for contours, moustache, beard or other sensitive areas .


  • Achieve remarkable professional-looking stylized designs for your hair with the amazing Ornate Hair Clipper! 
  • This ornate clipper features ultra-sharp precision trimming blades to provide you with the best styling possibilities!
  • It features a unique personalized decorated handle so you can show off your style as you trim! It’s an amazing stylized clipper for every professional!
  • Get astounding precision haircuts and styles with the razor-sharp Ornate Hair Clipper!

Low Noise High-Quality Precision Trimmer

It uses a powerful low noise electric motor to provide you with an advanced precision trimming without the annoying buzz! Featuring a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving you a full wireless trimming experience. Easily swap the heads within seconds with its amazing R shaped obtuse-angular design. It’s the perfect trimmer for every professional. Give the best haircuts for your customers and stylize their hair with the amazing Ornate Hair Clipper now.

Package Includes:

  • Your RazorBlade™ - Trimmer Pro (Beard and Hair)
  • 3 hooves
  • 1 Rechargeable battery 
  • The USB charger (universal)
  • 1 cleaning brush 
  • The user manual to learn how to use your trimmer like a professional.